Cat spraying all around the house?

Cats are much more trainable than many owners realize and if behavior problems do arise they can often be dealt with quite simply so long as you take the time to see the world from your cats point of view.

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Cats of both sexes sometimes spray when they feel insecure. by establishing a sense of their own smell their confidence is boosted.

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Spraying can become a problem if you cat starts to spray furniture and curtains. The first thing to look at is the reasons why cats spray.Both sexes spray and neutered males are just as likely to spray as unneutered.Normally cats do not spray indoors as they feel secure and there is no need to protect their territory.When several share a house they may feel the need to mark their territory. If the spraying has suddenly started look for some changes in the house hold that could have caused stress.


For some cats this could be the installation of a cat flap.This blurrs the distinction between the indoors and outdoors and the cat needs to mark its smell.

Some owners spray pepper or chilli or wipe the areas with vinegar but this does not really work. you can try to place a tray of marbles below the favourite spraying places but if you cat is determined he will just stand further away.A good idea that can work is to put a sheet of household foil around the spot as cats do not like the sound of urine hitting the foil.

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Cat Spraying – Can I Stop It?

Did you ever notice that rude behavior your cat has been doing? During the first few months after my daughter’s cat, Miming, came to live with us, a new male stray came every morning. Soon, he decided to come live with us too. And for that few months thereafter, I was having fits almost all the time.

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The cat never seems to tire of annoying me by depositing small amounts of urine, from our mailbox, to my daughter’s swing set, car hood, on my furniture, on my porch, on kitchen counters, on doorways and even window panes! It drove me nuts; I kept on following her with a Lysol on one hand and alcohol on the other. It was being O.C., I know. But it just wouldn’t stop.

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Is this a litter box problem? My veterinarian disagreed. The doctor informed me that this act is called Feline Spraying or Cat Spraying. It is when a cat is seen backing into an area, with tail high and quivering and a little crouching, as it SPRAYS its urine.

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Apparently, urine spraying is a communication system for cats. My tom (male cat) started spraying when he reached sexual maturity, and this occurs between 5 months to a year old. This is his way of marking his territory and letting other cats know that my house, this area, this particular boundary is owned by him. Talk about being possessive, huh?

Sometimes though, my veterinarian pointed out, that cat spraying may be due to stress. He may have felt some threat that he needed to mark his territory around my place. Additionally, the spraying could have also been done by Miming, my daughter’s female cat. Cat spraying is common to unneutered males. However, female felines can also do cat spraying if they are in heat and they want to let the male cats know that they are.

I was determined to stop this behavior, despite the fact that this may be a natural occurrence in homes with cats. Since I do my living, baking and catering, it is my utmost rule to keep the house, particularly my kitchen, clean and tidy. Does this mean I should give up taking care of kitties?

Fortunately for my little girl, the veterinarian said it’s not necessary. The easiest way to deal with the problem is to consider having “Tom” neutered or spayed, which I did. Statistics showed that at least 90% of neutered male cats stopped spraying after the process, 78% of which stopped immediately and 9% stopped in a few months. There were about 13% that did not stop spraying even after being neutered.

If this procedure didn’t work for my Tom, the doctor suggested giving him anti-anxiety drugs. So, I have learned that felines can suffer from undue stress and that can cause this urine spraying.

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Dealing With Problematic Cat Spray and Urination

If you own a cat, you are already aware that a litter box can become quite smelly if not properly cared for. You may be surprised to learn, however, that it is possible for your cat to be just as disgusted by the smell of the litter box. As a result, your feline friend may start leaving its messes elsewhere. If you are experiencing problems with your cat urinating or even defecating outside of the litter box, there are a few possible causes and solutions to the problem that you might wish to explore.

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Looking at the Litter Box Design

Sometimes, the reason for your cat’s bathroom problems is simply because it doesn’t like the design of the litter box. One popular design among cat owners is the litter box that has a top that sits on the regular box. While you may like this design, your cat may not. Think about it – having this wraparound structure is similar to having to use the port potty. Not only does it make your cat feel closed in, the smaller space and additional walls also trap in the smell further.

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As a result of your cat’s dislike for this design, it may decide to go to the bathroom outside of the box. Therefore, if you are having problems with your cat’s toilet habits and you have one of these litter boxes, you might want to consider removing the top and seeing if you get better results.

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Keep it Clean and Private

Every cat owner knows that they can be quite finicky. This is particularly true when it comes to the litter box. If you allow it to get too messy, your cat will simply refuse to use the box. So, be certain to clean out the feces every day. If you use the type of litter that clumps up from urine, remove those clumps as well. You should also change all of the litter once per week. In addition, if you have more than one cat, you might want to consider having enough litter boxes to allow each cat its own box.

Nine Feline Spraying Causes and Their Solution

If you have ever dealt with urination problems in cats, you have probably wondered why cats spray. Here’s a list of the most common causes of spraying behavior in cats.

1. Genetic behavior

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Once a tomcat reaches sexual maturity, its body starts producing sexual hormones. Their behavior changes accordingly and the cat will start spraying around the house. The only solution to this problem is having your cat neutered.


2. Marking the territory – sexuality

When they spray, cats leave behind pheromones, which are recognizable substances that send a message to other felines. In a young tomcat’s case, they tell the female cats around that he is available for mating. Kittens are attracted by the smell, therefore transforming spraying in the single best method of attracting partners.

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3. Marking the territory – territorial issues

Another reason why cats spray is in order to mark their territory against “enemies” (other cats). This is especially true if you adopt another feline but don’t give the first one enough time or space to accommodate with the situation. It will simply start spraying on order to tell the other that the house is his.

4. Female cats attracting a partner

Although less common than male cat spraying, female cat spraying can also occur once the kitten is ready to mate. When they are in heat, female cats spray and produce pheromones, but not to mark their territory. They are simply sending the message that they have become available.

5. Stress spraying

A recent change in the family organization or schedule can trigger stress spraying in cats. If you wonder why your old, neutered cat has recently started spraying again it might be because you have recently moved in a new home. Give it time, once the cat becomes familiar with the new environment, it should stop spraying.

6. Behavioral changes

Even if you haven’t recently moved, it is possible that your life has changed so much that you don’t have enough time to take care of your cat anymore. Has your partner recently moved in? Have you changed jobs and have a busy schedule? Think about the changes in your behavior and make sure you have enough time to play with your cat, just as before.

Cat Spraying Alternatives: Pros and Cons of Having Your Cat Neutered

Examine your household surroundings to see if your cat at any time arrives in speak to with other felines. Does your neighbor have a female cat? Are there other cats in your spot that tend to enter your garden or residence? Does your individual cat at any time shell out visits in the neighborhood?

cat spraying no more review

4. In other instances, neutered cats however go after their behavior due to the fact the urine and pheromone odor hasn’t been completely taken out from your property. If it has formulated the behavior to spray the identical spots more than and above once again, it is in all probability simply because it is attracted to its personal urine scent. Make positive you totally clean the place in which the mischief comes about.


five. Last but not least, if none of the above is the scenario, it is time to seem at techniques to increase your private behavior in purchase to aid your cat. Spraying and inappropriate urination can be brought on by a range of external elements that your cat are not able to control, but you can. Are you cleaning the litter box as often as probable? Do you however have time to play every day? Have you moved a short while ago? Has the cat demonstrated indications of aggression lately, or are there any changes in its standard mood and behavior?

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All these are questions you need to inquire oneself in purchase to obtain out the serious lead to for your cat’s spraying difficulty. If you uncover the cause, then the resolution will most likely be less complicated than you thought.

LinkedIn clone – build your own social network and help others to build theirs

This is the era of social networking. It does not matter whether you are trying to build a network for simple social purpose or the professional! I wrote the word ‘professional’ because we can see there is a major professional networking site Linkedin. It has given the social networking a new way to think differently. Everybody of us knows that Linkedin is for professional people who want to develop a network for professional purpose (to get job or get projects done by eligible persons). But there are some problems or the drawbacks in Linkedin that has to be made up to make it more powerful and useful. And this is the reason people want to search Linkedin clone script to get a better Linkedin site.

As the title shows, my intention is very clear. I want to clarify how to build up a true social networking site for the professional people, certainly with the true attitude off the social networking sites. And I am sure if the point I am trying to highlighting below will certainly help everybody to create a social network for them.

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Build up a Linkedin clone site that is great and user friendly in look first. We can easily differentiate Linkedin from other social networking sites in its look. Why not let users feel better ease the moment they come to visit the site. I mean a mix of professionalism and relaxed social look.

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Linkedin clone site has to be careful in showing advertisements and strong in privacy level. The users should not feel irritated for placements of advertisements anywhere in the middle of the profiles. The ads have to be placed on fixed and suitable places – header, footer or right or left panel.

The restriction to invite only known person has to be relaxed a bit. I mean the blacklisting through 5 ‘don’t know’ tag has to be relaxed in Linkedin clone site. It allows better building of network which is not present in the original Linkedin.

A social networking site has to offer the conversation between the users. It helps to strengthen the network. So in the Linkedin clone script there has to be chat and other conversation options like voice mail. As I said at the beginning- let the new Linkedin be a mix of social and profession networking site. It helps to increase number of users too.

The RSS feed integration has to be present in the Linkedin clone. Today almost every websites or the social networking sites offer this service. It provides a great chance to the users to know the activities of the contacts or the social network.

The subscription process and alert has to be made easy and properly working. Users must find upgrade to premium and downgrade to free membership easy or just on mouse click. Even the email alerts need to work smoothly and properly.

These are five points and view to make a clone of Link

So you want a Social Networking Site

So you want a social networking site such as facebook but you do not have a budget like facebook? No problem we can build you a cost-effective solution. Now, what does the word €cost-effective€ mean? It means lower cost but does not mean $2. Trust me.. the computer programmers like myself spent a lot of sleepless nights studying. They spent a lot of money going to school and buying expensive books and gadgets

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, they went on working many years to gain experience; they do not want to work for 25 cents per hour ;) Now, you say €but the other guy said he could build me a social networking site for $250€. Well, you know maybe the other guy does not understand english and thought you meant you wanted him to socialize or party with him. Now, if you want to dive into the e-commerce game but do not think you have to spend any money, you are wasting everybody’s time. If you are serious about making money on the web, you will need to make investements in your business because it is, after all, a real business. Allocate a budget for your website then ask us to see what features we could provide you with within your budget.

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Ok now, in a nutshell, lets see an overview of what we could do for you with a social networking site (out of 100 features):

Making money with a social network is not hard and we make sure you have the right tools to get things started from ad campaigns, user based ads, membership plans, sponsored items and ability to sell marketplace listings.

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PHP Framework
We develop our social products in PHP framework specifically for the needs of powering all the modules we include and avoiding server software licensing cost by using LAMP technologies.

SEO Friendly
When viewing an item like a blog or photo it requires an unique page name that serach engines can read and we use SEO (Search Engine Optimizations) practices to keep content on top of search engine results giving your community a lot more hits.

Facebook Connect
Facebook Connect has proven to be one of the must useful tools to introduce a social network and keep users in touch with your site while they are on Facebook as well as easily log into your community without having them register.

Forum Tips That Any Social Networking Consultant Will Explain!

Should you request numerous social networking consultants the way they know a great deal about what’s happening in the market as well as in internet sites, they’d most likely state that they read a great deal, investigate and also find updates online. And, you’ll certainly hear the saying “online marketing forums.”

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Any social networking consultant who not let you know to go to such forums is ready you. Most entrepreneurs often spend time or perhaps are part of these forums due to the quantity of information and advice you will get from their store.

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Forums are created to be a great place where people bounce ideas off each other. It’s where people often discuss what’s in or what’s out, especially what’s presently trending in many internet sites. It is an ocean of fantastic and varied opinions.

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Plus, you will get great applying for grants what software, programs or plug-inches you should use inside your website, blog or social networking.

Online marketing forums is the one-stop shop the Mecca of all things and something that has related to marketing, advertising, affiliate marketers and mingling online. Below are great tips on the best way to make the most of forums.

Watch out for Getting Distracted or Overcome

Like Alice’s adventures in wonderland, falling right into a whole “new world “with various things could be disturbing. You can easily get overcome and excited in marketing forums. With the number of individuals speaking and swapping ideas marketing and discussing brands, you need to dive in and provide your personal business or brand a place underneath the limelight.

Social Networking Strategy And Some Reasons Why it is a Necessary

Social network sites marketing has grown to become quite the fad between entrepreneurs interested in promoting their products online. Social sites like Facebook, Orkut, and Youtube are making it simple for willing business people to hop on the internet as well as connect with individuals from throughout the world. Expressions such as tweeting, sharing, and voting have created quite the buzz amongst those who want to hop aboard the viral marketing craze.

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There’s a right way and a wrong way to apply social media marketing and turning into known as a “pitcher” is the inappropriate way. It is okay to promote your products and / or services on social networks providing it is done in moderation. The key to success in social network sites marketing would be to to increase awareness. For anyone who is fun, light-hearted, and aren’t recognized as an multilevel marketing pusher then individuals will start to become curious about what you are all about. These people may reach you and ask what you do.

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Below are some explanations why social media marketing is significant for your online business.

1) Social marketing is an simple and inexpensive technique of driving as well as maintaining website visitors. As opposed to conventional marketing, social networking does not require a massive promoting team or a too high budget. To illustrate, take into account the recent weblog tools. It only takes minutes to setup a WordPress blog and promptly bookmark top directories.

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2) Social network sites marketing makes it possible for you to establish a customer relationship. Developing interactive relationships with clients is crucial to any business’ success. Prior to the birth of social network sites, a large number of online marketers had no t

Boost Traffic for Affiliate Marketing Social Networking Sites

Home based business of affiliate marketing being spanned over the Internet world provides variety options for marketing strategies. A marketer can choose any promotional strategy on the basis of their knowledge or proficiency and budget. Therefore, from a small scale enterprise or individual merchant owning an online e-commerce site to any large and reputed company ” affiliate marketing services are affordable by all types and sized of merchandisers. Online marketers often promote mix and offer marketing campaigns like banner advertisements, search engine optimization, sponsored listing, email marketing campaigns, blog marketing, article marketing, link exchanges, forum posting etc.

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As Internet is witnessing changing online behavior of Internet users, Internet savvy online marketers too are refreshing their marketing ideas to catch hold of larger group traffic ” that too, segmented traffic. Online social networking sites are emerging and growing in leaps and bounds. Beyond seemingly advantages of finding platform to maintain contacts and create new contacts, these social networking sites have huge marketing potential ” now it is also tapped by the herd of online marketers. Since, marketers have been aware of its enormous access to segmented traffic ” they never turned back from social networking sites for gaining success in their affiliate marketing businesses.


At social networking sites, users join and form ‘communities’ or groups as per their interests, therefore, these sites are the ideal hub for niche marketing strategies and also the best place to capture the traffic. Being an affiliate marketer, all you need to do is to get hold of those people having interests in the products and services you are endorsing through discussions, blog write ups, answering to questions, providing opinions, recommendations, advice in disguise of a ‘socializing’ tone of behavior.

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These sites social networking sites are many and cater to the needs of being global in terms of searching like minded fellows to socialize. Just like choices of topics on these online social networking sites can be ‘anything under the sun’, types of online affiliate marketing programs too